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Hi everyone!  Hope you’ve all had a great Christmas break and have started off the new year well!  As for me – I’m still recovering from my gluttonous gobbling of Christmas goodies – but the one thing that’s sitting well with me so far are the 3 stocks I gobbled up on Christmas Eve.

Since being introduced to the Fully Franked Finance gang back in April, I’ve been keeping a relatively low profile around here.  I’ve popped up occasionally to share my Global investment ideas and purchases, but have given very little detail around my Global Fund performance during the year.

So finally, here I am to share the results of my Global portfolio
for 2018! 

I must admit – I haven’t paid much attention to what Frankie
and Indexing Ian have been doing during the year, but I did notice Frankie came
out slightly ahead at the end of 2018.  Frankie
doesn’t seem so interested in competing with me however – I wonder if that’s
because he’s afraid of what he might see when I share my results? Let’s find

Current Portfolio – 31 December 2018

After kicking things off in April with a huge amount of cash put
into the Vanguard MSCI Index International Shares ETF (VGS), I’ve eventually
found some great individual stocks to balance the fund between index and
individual stock investments.  It’s from
here that the performance will get very interesting, as any new stock purchases
will be matched with an identical balance towards the VGS ETF.  Think of this as my own mini ‘Frankie vs Indexing
Ian’ contest, but on a Global scale!

The fund has clearly grown thanks to the automatic $2,000 of
cash added per month – but certainly hasn’t been hampered by the stock growth
and dividends, as well as some favourable exchange rate movements:

Let’s see how VGS and the individual stocks contributed to
the increase in value…

Individual Stock Returns

VGS hasn’t really pulled its weight so far, given that it’s
represented the vast majority of the fund since April.  Disney has been the big winner so far since
joining the fund in May – although the remaining stocks are very recent
additions, and haven’t really had enough time to show their true colours yet.  Despite this, my Christmas Eve purchases have
had a nice little bounce!

For a clearer picture, here’s the contribution of VGS compared with the individual stocks (inclusive of transaction costs – chart above excludes transaction costs):

Further details are in the table below:

Fund monthly profit and returns

Since this is my first real portfolio performance update, you haven’t had the benefit of seeing any monthly changes as Frankie does each month.  But don’t fear – you can see the performance of my fund each month from inception here:

You can see it was an amazing run through to September, until
markets copped a battering in October – from which my massive VGS holding was
not immune.  Despite this, I’ve ended the
year ahead – something I don’t think either Frankie or Ian can claim!

Just to make it clear who really won the Fully
Franked Finance 2018 trophy:

… but I’m a humble guy, and don’t really need to get caught
up on winning or losing against my fellow investors…

I can’t say I did it all myself however.  I’ve had some great support and ideas from my fellow international stock investment bloggers, who have done lots of hard work analysing and buying a huge range of stocks, particularly in the US.  To see where some of these ideas originally came from, check out my first international stock ideas post and this post of the five stocks which ultimately made it into the Global fund.

I look forward to ramping things up in 2019 (surely Frankie
will give me a bit more air time thanks to my great performance so far?) and
sharing plenty more global stock investment ideas with you all!

How was
your 2018?  Did individual stocks or the
Index win for you? What’s on your radar for 2019?

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