Getting Serious with Personal Finance Budgeting

Have you ever noticed that no matter how much money you make in a month, there is never enough?

You most likely know how much you earned last month, but do you know how much you spent? If you dont, you are not the only one who doesn’t. According to survey, most people spend 10% more than they make!

Why is it hard to track spending?

It is difficult for people to track their spending and whether it is wise or not because they cannot decifer between needs and wants. This is one of the biggest hindrance towards putting into practice good personal finance budgeting.

You may need things in life including food, water, shelter and clothing. Needs are those things that we cannot live without. Needs are also those that living without would case difficulties and distress. Knowing between needs and wants is essential since your perception will determine whether you spend your money on it or not.

Advertising is so powerful these days that you may think of luxuriuos items as “needs” when in fact you dont actually need them. These deceiving commercials on TV greatly influence your purchasing and personal finance budgeting behavior. It is your job to make a wise decision whether each new product is something that you really need and cannot live without. Some things may make life easier and add up to the quality of life you are living, but it is more important to know whether you can truly afford them or not.

After learning between needs and wants put what you have learned into practice. Here is a simple spending system that can greatly help your personal finance budgeting:

– Create a personal finance budget that you can use
– Save 10% of your income
– Always know exactly how much you have left to spend
– Instantly know the impact of every spending decision
– Track all your purchases
– Pay your bills on time
– Effectively manage credit card spending

Many people create a financial budget based on other people financial worksheets. As much as it is good to have some sort of reference, do not forget to make it personal. Customize your personal finance budget according to your expenditures. You are the only one who will refer to it on a daily basis so go ahead and make it your own. This way, it will also look more familiar to you.

Many people purchase items with credit card more often than they would with cash. Always remember that it is better to buy items with cash as you are already free from obligations in the future. Some people may forget that a credit card does not do magic and a real bill comes at the end of the month – adding to your long list of financial obligations.

The key is to have patience in the process of the creation and maintenance of your personal finance budgeting list. It takes time to verify information on expenditures and income so that nothing is missed. Also the accuracy of information is one of the most important factors in making a personal finance budget that really works.

In your personal finance budgeting, always remember the consequences of your spending. If you are going to spend your savings today on one thing, remember that this becomes money that is no longer available should you need it in the nearest future.


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